SEO Tutorial Part 3 - Are All Backlinks Equal?

on Monday, September 17, 2012

Today I will elaborate on the link value of various backlink types, all with the end result to help your adsense sites rank high...

1) Are the backlinks indexed?

Having a website linking to you doesn't mean you've got a backlink. Only backlinks that are indexed are counted.

How to know if a backlink is indexed? If you are publishing articles, the best way is to Google for a unique phrase of your article, with double quote. For example, you can google for "this is a phrase from your article", including the " ".

This will force Google to return all the indexed articles containing this exact phrase, and if this phrase is unique to your article, you are forcing Google to return all your

articles that are indexed.

Note: If you use the "link:" search in Google or Yahoo, the result is highly inaccurate. This is a known fact in the industry.

2) Are the backlinks from unique contents?

If all your backlinks are from the same article, such backlinks will be discounted.

This means if you publish the same article across a network of article directories, the actual value of all the backlinks will be reduced. They will still count, but not as much.

The current solution in the industry is to spin the article before distribution, so as to 'cheat' Google into believing that those articles are unique. So far this trick works.

3) Are the backlinks from unique domains and IPs?

If all your backlinks are from the same domain or same IP address, such links will also be discounted.
  Again, discounted doesn't mean not counted. They still count.

4) Position of the backlink within the linking page

It is rumored that Google discount backlinks from the end of an article because such links are usually links from article directories, where in most cases - you add your

links in the resource box.

I'm not sure if this is true. Assuming it's true, you should try to get backlinks from content syndication network such as EzArticleLink, where you can create backlinks from any part of the article.

5) Anchor texts of the backlinks
This is an important point. Please pay attention to this!

Although theoretically if you want to optimize for "cheap christmas present", you should use "cheap christmas present" (without quote) as your anchor text, but if all your backlinks are using the same anchor text, Google will frown.


Google doesn't want you to build links. Remember, in Google's ideal, it wants other websites to link to you because you are good.

Under such ideal, it's impossible to have all 100 links linking to you using exactly the same anchor text! Hence, in your link building process, you should vary

the anchor text.

The strategy I like to use is a mixture of the main keyword and some longer-tail keywords. For example, if I'm trying to optimize for 'cheap christmas present', majority of the backlinks will be 'cheap christmas present'.

Some links should use other longer tail phrases, such as 'very cheap christmas present', 'buy cheap christmas present', and so on...

The beauty of this linking strategy is that the longer tail phrases will reinforce the main keyword phrase, while the main phrase will also reinforce the longer tail phrases.

The result is that you rank well in not just 'cheap Christmas present' but all other longer tail phrases too.

That's another thing I like about EzArticleLink. It allows me to set up 3 anchor texts for every article.

40% of the links will go to the main anchor text and 40% will be evenly spread to the other two anchor texts. The rest of the 20% will be linked from the article title, which rightfully should also include your keywords.

This means for every article I post, I will get hundreds of different anchor text linking to my website, with most of the backlinks being my main keywords.

6) Are the backlinks backlinked?

The idea is this. If webpage A has got other webpages linking to it, and webpage A links to your website, it mean your website has to be quite important.

The experts in the SEO industry call this promote your promotion, i.e. building backlinks to the webpages that link to your website.

As I mentioned before, this is done automatically in EzArticleLink system. I am not aware of any other systems that can do that!

7) Are the backlinks from authority site?
A backlink from a website with high pagerank, i.e. an authority site, is many times more powerful than a backlink from a website with no pagerank, though both are counted, so long as they are indexed.

Though it's not easy to get backlinks from authority site, it's worth the effort. You can get some backlinks from authority site such as ezinearticles, squidoo, blogspot

and social networking sites.

Another way is by posting comments on high PR blogs that 'dofollow'. Remember to build backlinks to these backlinks to boost the link power!

You can easily do so with services like EzArticleLink.

8) Age of the backlink

Finally, the age of the backlinks matters. If you have a webpage with lots of backlinks built years ago, and there are no new backlinks recently, you will realize that the

search engine ranking of the webpage will start to drop.

The reason is simple. To Google, if no one wants to link to you now, it means your webpage is no longer worthy.

It's not necessary to have fresh backlink going to every webpage of your website on a continual basis. But minimally, you should build backlinks to the homepage

of your website on a regular basis.
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